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Raising Capital? Increase Your Probability of Success

With thousands of companies competing for the same investment dollars, how do you stand out


Helping Your Business Grow

Investors are more than 4 times more likely to invest in companies offering full transparency through an unbiased third party*. EarlyIQ sets the standard for transparency . We make it simple with our Trustmark Service. All the bases are covered in one report.  And you'll probably find that the investment process is streamlined because many of the questions that all investors have are all answered on the report card.


EarlyIQ Report Card Equals Investor Confidence

Have you ever asked yourself "wonder what's behind that question" - referring to a question you were just asked?  Behind every question is another question, perhaps unspoken fear or doubt. Research shows that early stage investors  consistently have 2 primary concerns*.  And even when your offering is super attractive, investors still need to overcome these basic hurdles:
1) Do they have complete visibility in the management team's background?

2) Are they sure they aren't being taken?

Proactively answer investor concerns - even those that aren't spoken.  Give investors confidence in your offering by obtaining an EarlyIQ Report Card.  And let them focus on the strength of your offering knowing their 2 primary concerns have been addressed.


How to Get an EarlyIQ Report

It's a simple and secure process.  And you are in control.  

  • You provide some basic information about your company and your management team.
  • We validate your identity and the identity of your team then collect and analyze publicly available information about you, your team and your company.
  • A preliminary report is created and you review it for accuracy and completeness.
  • Once we get your "OK", the final report is made available for review by investors.  
Depending on what type of fund you're raising and which investment partners you're working with, there may be some small variations in the process. But that's essentially how it works.  And when you're done, here's what a report card looks like.  


The Engine that Drives Our Economy - You

As a start-up or growth company, you're busy juggling so many priorities that at times it can become overwhelming.  One moment you're working on your product or service, the next you're meeting with a customer, or maybe you're sweeping the floors and taking out the trash.   Whatever it is, you're crazy busy. Increase your probability of success by building trust with prospective investors.  Take the first step with our trustmark and get a report card.

Remember you're the catalyst of the US Economy.  Which means you're the catalyst of the world economy. Let's get it growing.


* - see our full benchmark study here.

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