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Partners and Portals

Accelerate Your Business, Make Better Decisions

Increase investor participation, streamline your operations, make better decisions, and ensure compliance by leveraging our fully hosted and secure decision support and evaluation tools.  

Partnering with EarlyIQ gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business of putting investors and issuers, lenders and borrowers together.  Our secure reports can be commissioned for private use by your analysts when evaluating companies for acceptance on your platform.  Upon listing, the same report can be shared with investors and other backers to offer them greater transparency into the investment they are considering.   And we can work with you to fully integrate our hosted offering into your online presence and workflow.  Or, if you prefer, our hosted platform provides a secure environment for your analysts to review the reports and access them anytime, from anywhere.

  • Establish trust though transparency with your investors, funders, and lenders.
  • Increase investor and lender participation up to 4X compared to investments without our report transparency.
  • Guard against stolen identities, fictitious entities, and other types of fraud. No "bad actors" allowed.
  • Streamline your operations and vetting process.
  • Integrate a seamless experience for your applicants.



Whether you're considering capitalizing on JOBS Title II through an online portal presence, looking to enhance your current business operation, or both, we can help by streamlining your diligence process while also guarding against many prevalent forms of fraud including false and stolen identities.  Plus, by providing the transparency available in our report card to your investors, you'll reduce friction costs and ultimately increase your likelihood of conversion - which makes everyone happy.

Getting Started is Easy

You can start to enjoy the benefits of our platform without changing your current operations by simply requesting a report for a company you are currently evaluating or even a company you're currently representing.   Once we've generated the report you'll have access to the information for internal use and can then make the decision about how and when to make the information available to prospective investors.  There's no need to integrate technology or platforms.  Distribution of summary reports is as easy as emailing to your investors.

Integrate Platforms for a Seamless Experience

If you're looking for a streamlined experience for your issuers and investors consider integrating the EarlyIQ tool set within your online properties.  Integrated with API access and shared forms and content, you can keep your audience engaged on your site.  Contact us to discuss what's required to make this happen.

Not looking for deep integration but still want a customized user experience?  We can help with that too with co-branded user pages on our platform.  Let us know what you're looking for and we'll make a solution that fits your needs.


Crowdfunding Portals

Equity portals get a head start preparing for launch while streamlining your costs and focusing on your core business. 

Utilizing Regulation Crowdfunding to launch your equity crowdfunding platform?  Get your platform and business operations prepared now so you're ready when the final rules are enacted.  We can work with you today so you're prepared for tomorrow.  Get started today.

  • Pre-evaluate your deal flow.
  • Integrate for a seamless user experience.
  • Establish best practices for acceptance.
  • Address the single biggest investor concern.

Increase participation and confidence on your reward or donation portal.

High profile projects.  High targets.  Uncertain profiles.  We can help ensure transparency on your platform and confidence in your listings.

  • Guard against stolen and fictitious identities.
  • Create confidence in your projects.
  • Enhance participation rates. 

Crowdfunding compliance reports increase trust and transparency. Once a project gets past its first degree network, how are you helping the owner complete the remaining 70-80% of their raise?  Our report and trustmark can help with the second and third degree relationships that will ultimately fill the project.  Interested in learning more?   Reach out to us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Investor Verifications - Partner Solutions

EarlyIQ makes the Investor Verification process simple.

Partners can choose from 3 options:

1. Basic - Get started immediately by inviting investors via a simple email. Partners pre-buy certificates and give investors their custom coupon code to get investors into the process. Prospective investors are then ready to complete their Investor Verification. When investors finish the process, their verification certificates are shared with you. This solution gives partners the maximum control over which investors enter the process and allows partners to be up and running immediately by simply emailing each prospect. Investor Verifications are $69 each. Contact us for more information and to receive a coupon code.

2. Co-Branded - For partners that need to reach a broader audience, this is the best option. There is no need for integration. For this solution, EarlyIQ creates a custom co-branded landing page where partners can direct their prospective investors. There is no need to email your prospects a coupon code. Just give them the web address of your co-branded landing page. You can link this page off of your web site for the broadest reach or maintain a private web address that is given to only to qualified prospects.This solution includes EarlyIQ’s Investor dashboard for instant visibility into all your prospective investor’s status. We can have your Co-Branded option up and running in as little as 48 hours. There is a one time set-up fee of $750. Verifications are $69 each. Contact us.

3. Fully Integrated API - EarlyIQ offers a complete white label solution for platforms wishing to maintain their brand throughout the experience. This solution also includes EarlyIQ’s Investor dashboard for instant visibility into all your prospective investor’s status. Please contact us for details.

Our Partner Dashboard is available to Co-Branded & Fully Integrated partners such as an issuer, incubator, online platform, hedge fund, accelerator program or Angel group. The dashboard offers instant visibility into an investor’s status - follow your prospects from registered to Accredited Investor-all on 1 screen.

For Partners that are also looking for an electronic deal room, EarlyIQ’s Investor Verifications link seamlessly together with Room 506 - an electronic deal room designed specifically for helping you turn prospects into investors. You only need to send a prospective investor to one place. They register, get verified and are automatically put into your deal room. It is super simple and keeps you from sending investors to multiple locations.

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