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Investors - Pros and Crowds.

Visibility, Confidence, Compliance - Quickly and Simply.  

With thousands of early stage investment choices available every day, you demand transparency and trust. Our Custom Diligence Reports deliver.


Professional and Accredited Investors

Wading through hundreds of pages of reports, looking for nuggets of data?  Or worse, maybe you're flying blind with little or no verified, validated information.   Sound familiar?  Think either is a good approach?  Diligence 3.0.  You demand transparency.  We deliver on-demand, exclusive access to company and management team background visibility in a single, secure, hosted system.

Take Control - Commission Your Own Report

Whether you're an angel group, a partner or analyst in a venture capital firm, or part of a private equity diligence team, make an EarlyIQ private report a cornerstone of your diligence process and gain operational and competitive advantage.  By commissioning a private diligence report and equipping your team with on-demand, exclusive access to its information, you can focus your resources on higher-order analysis and evaluation.  And your team will be the only group with access to the information, a key benefit when working in a competitive environment.  In addition to our industry exclusive TQScoretm, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Exclusive, secure, on-demand access to the report.
  • Summary scores and quick-view snapshots for easy review.
  • Drill-down capability for unprecedented visibility in a single, cohesive space.

Unique in the industry, our proprietary process involves the target company team from the beginning, ensuring an accurate, complete, and consistent report.



Investing in a new Rule 506(c) "generally solicited" offering?

Get Verified as Accredited

As a long time investor in private securities, you've no doubt filled in the "check box", affirming that you're an Accredited Investor. With the new regulations (Regulation D, Rule 506c) enacted in September 2013, if you're investing in a "generally solicited" private security sale, you'll need to be verified as Accredited. And we've made it easy to comply with this new regulation with our Accredited Investor Verification service. 

We're focused on providing the security you need and the confidentiality you demand. Our process, unique in the industry, puts you in complete control of your credentials as an Accredited Investor. We deliver your credentials with an electronic EarlyIQ badge. And when you share your badge, recipients will be able to click on it to review your Accredited Investor status.  It's that simple.



Crowdfunders and Peer Lenders

Congratulations! You're part of the new breed of investors that are helping new companies grow in ways never before seen in America. It's called the "democratization of capital" and it's growing in scale and importance.

You're probably investing on a smaller scale than professional investors, but you still need the same information to make an informed decision.  Finding validated, verified information is a tough proposition when you're looking at early stage companies.  Unless you personally know the founders or management team, how do you know who to trust and what resources to believe?  Is the hot tip from a friend's uncle really that hot?

Just like the investment due diligence reports available to professional investors, you can get transparency and visibility into the company and management team you're considering investing in.  When equity crowdfunding is legalized in the US, look for our trustmark and know that a crowdfunding compliance report is available for you to review.  If early stage private investment is part of your diversified investment strategy, or if you simply enjoy supporting a "good idea", make sure you review our report card on the company before investing.




Stay in the loop.  

If you want us to keep you posted on the SEC rules for Regulation Crowdfunding and where you'll be able to access our report cards, connect with us and we'll make sure to keep you updated.


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