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RealConnex Partnership Announcement

RealConnex and EarlyIQ, Inc. Announce Partnership to Enable Verified Profiles in Online Network

Innovative Verified Profile Certificate helps RealConnex drive commercial real estate revolution

New York, New York -- February 10, 2015 

Today RealConnex, Inc. and EarlyIQ Inc. announce the selection of EarlyIQ’s Verified Profile Platform to help RealConnex drive a revolution in the commercial real estate market.  Users and companies of all types on the RealConnex platform will be able to have their identity and accredited investor status verified by EarlyIQ. Upon completion, users will be able to display their verified status with dynamic, real time badges and Verified Profile Certificates.  Fully integrated into the RealConnex platform, users will have a seamless experience when establishing their RealConnex profiles. 

“RealConnex is creating a new, more efficient, and trusted marketplace in the commercial real estate industry. Given the nature, velocity and complexity of commercial real estate, providing our users with tools that help facilitate business is critical,” said Roy Abrams, Founder and CEO of RealConnex. “The RealConnex EarlyIQ member verification process is a core component in creating trust in our online market place.”

Launching in Q1, the integrated verification capabilities will enable users to verify aspects of their profiles including: identity, investment status, company background, regulatory compliance, and professional background. Upon completion of the verification, users will be provided with electronic badges which, when clicked, will produce an encrypted, dynamic, real time Verified Profile Certificate which will display the user’s verified profile. Post launch, additional premium features and services will be enabled on the RealConnex platform for users who maintain a verified profile.

The integration, using encrypted and secured API and modal windows, enables a seamless user experience between RealConnex and EarlyIQ. As the user completes their profile information, the verification process will begin at EarlyIQ. As the verification is completed, status will be automatically shared is updated in real time on the user’s profile.

“We’re excited about what RealConnex is doing to revolutionize the market. And we’re pleased to be chosen as their partner to help make it happen,” said Steve Yin, Co-founder and CEO of EarlyIQ.  “We see a huge need in all online peer-based markets for proactive verification of user profiles. And RealConnex is taking the lead in the commercial real estate space.”

About RealConnex

RealConnex is a B2B real estate deal-making platform designed to connect the entire real estate ecosystem on one platform and make transactions happen faster and more efficiently. The RealConnex platform democratizes corporate real estate deal-making by enabling users to easily find capital, lenders, services, investments and opportunities in real time, that meet their needs. More information on RealConnex can be found at or

About EarlyIQ

Early IQ, Inc. is a San Diego, California based, hosted software, information and analytics company facilitating online peer relationships in financial, professional, and social marketplaces.  We provide an industry-leading suite of tools for profile verification, due diligence, regulatory compliance and fraud mitigation.  Our efficient, secure and streamlined Verified Profile Certificates, Diligence Reports, and Compliance Tools are used across industries to establish trust and transparency in online relationships. For more information about EarlyIQ:,, 858.345.4755.



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