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Team Background Check

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Beyond The 'About Us' Page

We ask the difficult questions so you don't have to - every time.  Our Diligence Report gives Entrepreneurs the opportunity to grant full disclosure of their business and teams. Most customers, partners, and investors have told us that verify few personal background items will cause a deal to go south. The worst thing though that can queer the deal is lack of transparency.  Moreover, with Reg D, 506(d), every private placement utilizing the safe harbor is required to screen for Bad Actors - the existence of which may need to be disclosed or perhaps may disqualify the issuer from utilizing the 506(b) or (c) exemption.

business background checks for bad actors

Individual Background Checks

Each applicant participates actively in what is often referred to as a "background check".  Beyond a simple query of criminal records, EarlyIQ also looks at:

  • Name Verification
  • Positive Identity Verification
  • Alias Search
  • Educational Degrees
  • Check on Other Business Relationships

All information that EarlyIQ finds is cleared with the individual team member before it is included in the Diligence Report. any disputes are thoroughly investigated.

Criminal Records Check

EarlyIQ starts with a high level criminal background check on each officer listed on the report, searching national databases for criminal records. We then drill down to every name and address combination an officer has used, checking state, county and federal records. Our report will give you the insight you need to make an informed decision.  And because the identity of the applicant has been confirmed, you can be sure that the records displayed are truly associated with the right "John Smith".

criminal background record check for bad actors
business founder civil records check

Civil Records Check

While civil records associated with an individual officer of an issuing company may not be directly related to operating a business, investors often want to know whether the management team is facing any other distractions that may take away from their ability to focus on the business.  In this section, a picture into those items is created and stakeholders can decide whether dig deeper into any specific area of note. 

Verified Identification

To guard against mistakes in identity or worse, fraud, we use a two factor positive ID system to validate the identities of individuals giving us data for our Diligence Reports. This gives our Report users the most reliable information possible so they can make informed investment decisions.

verfied identity of business founder
research who owns that business

Other Business Relationships

Being a serial entrepreneur is one thing. Starting and funding multiple companies as part of a pyramid scheme is another. To detect the formation of shell companies, to avoid potential trailing litigation and avoid fueling a pattern of chronically failed businesses we flush out all other business relationships that officers are engaged in.



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