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Secure, Controlled Access for all Stakeholders

With an EarlyIQ Diligence Reporttm, all access is controlled through login credentials. Multiple stakeholders can have access to the same report, but personal and business information is never disclosed without the company's prior consent. By providing unified and controlled access, there's never a question about what information a stakeholder is referencing.

Flexible Access for Platforms

When partners like online funding platforms or broker/dealers commission an EarlyIQ Diligence Report it is often used initially during the partner's normal onboarding process. EarlyIQ's Diligence Report can then be posted on the startup's promotional page during the fundraising process. The Diligence Report can be shared in its entirety or can be limited to include only high level information.

Private Distribution for Angel Groups & Individual Investors

Angel groups and private investors commission EarlyIQ Diligence Reports as the first step in their diligence process. You and your team can shave hours off your existing process with our Diligence Report. We provide access to validated information that allows you to make informed decisions. Focus your energy on higher-order research and analysis. Commission a Diligence Report on your next investment opportunity from EarlyIQ to share privately with your Angel Group.

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Proactive Reporting for Entrepreneurs

When your business commissions a Diligence Report to distribute to potential investors or perhaps comply with Reg D 506(d) requirements, it will be delivered to them via a secure link. The link is issued to named recipients and their access can be revoked by the commissioning party (the entrepreneur in this situation) at any time. This gives you the flexibility to "pass around" the report while retaining control over its distribution.




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