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Diligence and Compliance Report - Bad Actor Check

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A custom EarlyIQ Diligence Report eliminates complexity and delivers unprecedented visibility into the background details of your target investment company. Through our proprietary process, we triangulate information from public record, online, offline and self-reported information to give stakeholders actionable insight into both the target organization and the team behind it. Know Your Business (KYB).

Our platform can be be fully integrated with partner sites for a seamless user experience and can be customized to provide deeper levels of information beyond basic compliance requirements to facilitate vetting and curating deal flow by the partners.

CrowdSelectsm - From Rule 506 & Regulation Crowdfunding to Complete Company Diligence...

Choose your level of detail or pick from one of our standard reports. Our core Compliance Report ensures compliance with the Bad Actor disclosure and disqualification requirements in the new Regulation Crowdfunding final rules, while our complete Company Diligence Report offers deep insights about potential deals that go beyond government mandates.

The Company Diligence Report includes additional information about your target investment such as verifications of officer education, past offenses that are not part of a "bad actor" report like bank fraud as well as the elements needed to produce our proprietary TQ Score. A custom EarlyIQ Diligence Report delivers unprecedented visibility into the background details of your target investment company.

Investor Diligence and Report
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EarlyIQ Diligence and Compliance Reports Offer:

Secure Report Access

Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, or investment platform partner, EarlyIQ provides credentialed access control, encrypted data, delivered on a secure hosted platform. Learn more about accessing your report. Learn more...

Business Entity Check

As part of every report, EarlyIQ dives into the business entity looking at five dimensions of the startup business. From a due diligence perspective, these five dimensions shine light onto the basics of the business framework. Learn more...

Team Background Check

EarlyIQ Diligence Reports include detailed background checks on each player in the business. From criminal records checking through identification of any civil actions that may exist now or in the past, gaining a detailed understanding of each key executive is a cornerstone of any due diligence effort. Learn more...

Regulatory Check

We're looking for Bad Actors that could disqualify the entire organization from participating in a Reg D 506 or Regulation Crowdfunding transaction.  But we don't stop there. We also provide Patriot Act compliance checking through OFAC and other regulatory infraction verification. Learn more...

EarlyIQ TQ Scoretm

The EarlyIQ Transparency Quotient or TQ Scoretm​ is part of our Complete Diligence Report and is a proprietary metric that is derived from information we gather from our data sources, public and industry data in addition to the startup's self reported data. The triangulation of this data gives a holistic view of the organization. Learn more...





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