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Accredited Investor Verification



Thank you for your interest in making an investment in a private placement offering (the “Offering”) sponsored by Parsonex Capital Partners, LLC (“Parsonex”), which investment can only be made pursuant to the terms of the private placement memorandum prepared for the Offering. The Offering is only open to accredited investors. The SEC requires us to independently verify your status as an accredited investor before allowing you to invest in the Offering. To make this as easy as possible, we have partnered with EarlyIQ, Inc., an industry-leading third-party Accredited Investor Verification Service. The detailed information you provide will NOT be accessible by anyone outside of EarlyIQ's U.S.­-based analysts who validate the information you provide. Parsonex and its affiliates will not have access to any detailed information you provide. Parsonex, or the issuer in the Offering, will bear the cost of EarlyIQ's services.

Getting Started

Start by registering with EarlyIQ below - doing so takes only a couple of minutes. You'll be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and your identity will be confirmed automatically. EarlyIQ will then take you through a brief process to confirm your accredited investor status. This will involve uploading one or more documents. Though you can complete this process in a matter of minutes, you can also save your responses and return later to complete as needed. If you would like more details on exactly what to expect from the process and how EarlyIQ keeps your information confidential and secure, click here.

If you have any questions about the Offering, please contact Josh Teeters at 512-983-4955.

And if you have any questions about the EarlyIQ process, please contact EarlyIQ at


Investment Risks
Private offerings are risky investments. Investors should consult with their financial and tax advisors before considering an investment.


NOTE: This verification process is for accredited investors only. All investors must provide proof of income or net worth, in the case of individuals, and assets in the case of entities, to qualify.


Individual Investor   Business Entity
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NOTE: Revocable grantor trusts are treated as the individual and must go the "Individual" route above.


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