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How It Works

Our Trustmark. Your Trust.

Our mission is to drive trust through transparency for investors and companies seeking early stage investment.

We do this by delivering comprehensive, unbiased, and easy to understand Verifications and Diligence Reports on companies seeking investment and the investors that fund them.

Companies benefit from compliance and by establishing transparency, investors gain unprecedented visibility, and partner markets are facilitated.


Our Process

Driving Trust through Transparency

For Investors, Companies, and Partners, transparency is the catalyst to a successful relationship. 

Solid business relationships are built on trust. Even the most simple transaction, say buying milk at the grocery, is built on trust - you trust the store, the delivery company, and the brand of milk.

EarlyIQ Accredited Investor Verification

EarlyIQ helps investors, companies, angel groups, hedge funds and online platforms comply with the heightened accredited investor verification burden. See how we do it here.


EarlyIQ Diligence and Compliance Reports


4 Easy Steps to Increase Investment Probability 4X

Research shows investors are 4 times more likely to invest in a company with a report card compared a similar company without.  


Getting your report card is simple and can be done before you begin working with a partner for your fundraising efforts or after you've selected one of our preferred partners to help you raise funds.  It all happens online - no phone calls to make, no faxes to send, and no papers to collect and mail in.


Step 1 - Enter Your Information.  

You'll enter some basic information about your company, yourself, and your leadership team to start the process.  By doing this, members of your team will automatically be invited by Early IQ to enter their own information.  It's basic stuff and will probably take you and your team 10 minutes to fill out the form and double check the information for accuracy.


Step 2 - Verify Your Identity.

As part of our security process, you and your team will individually be asked a series of about 5 questions to ensure your identity.  This is an important part of our process as it ensures transparency and accuracy for people - investors and partners - who will be reading your company report.   


Step 3 - Certify and Submit Your Application.

Once you and your team have entered your information, you'll double check your work, certify it's accuracy and completeness, then submit your application.  From that point, the ball is in our court - we do the work to assemble the information, validate and verify, and create a preliminary report for you to review.  This process typically takes 1-2 business days, depending on the complexity of your business.  If there's anything else we need during this time, we'll send you a quick note asking you to login and provide the information.


Step 4 - Review and Accept.

After we've completed the preliminary report, you'll have a chance to "fact check" it.  If you see any issues of fact that you believe are not correct, you'll have the opportunity to submit adjustments and clarifications.  See our complete terms and conditions for more information on the review process.  Once you've reviewed the report, accepting it will enable us to publish the report to investors and partners.


Professional investors streamline their diligence process by commissioning a private company report.

For early stage professional investors, the process starts by commissioning a private company report.  From there, the target company is invited to begin the report card process exactly as described above.  The entire process occurs electronically, online, with no need to phone, fax, or mail.

Working with Partners and Portals

For crowdfunding, the process begins with our partners.  We work with them to create company reports for companies who have applied for listing at the portal.  Once the reports are completed, the portal staff uses the information as part of their approval process.  After that, depending on the portal's preference, the same information is then provide to investors at the portal, at EarlyIQ, or both.

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