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EarlyIQ offers a hosted software and associated services solution (together "the platform") to support third party outsourced verification of Accredited Investors as described by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation D, Rule 506(c). The platform delivers a complete solution that is intended to satisfy issuer Reasonable Steps by following non-exclusive and non-mandatory methods as described in Rule 506(c)(2)(ii)(A-C) for accredited investor verification.

Use of the platform by individual investors, issuing companies, online investment intermediaries, and other interested parties can be accomplished through any one of three primary deployment methods: a) directly through EarlyIQ at,  b) through custom partner co-branded web pages, and  c) through fully integrated services via REST API and modal windows.

The purpose of this site is to describe the platform and associated processes involved in delivering the EarlyIQ Accredited Investor Verification.

Platform Components

The EarlyIQ platform consists of fully hosted software and associated services which, when combined, are used to verify natural persons and entities as accredited investors.


The EarlyIQ software is 100% hosted, deployed securely via the internet, and accessed via any major web browser. The software consists of 4 primary subsets of functionality:

1. End user data collection, management, and display access

2. Partner administrative tools

3. EarlyIQ internal analyst utilities

4. System operation and 3rd party integration utilities

When integrated within a partner’s online platform, the complete end user experience can be executed from within the partner’s platform whereby the individual investor never visibly traverses to an EarlyIQ domain (URL), though the functions remain fully hosted by EarlyIQ.

Access to the software is predicated on users providing login credentials. And all activity is tracked and monitored.


Each accredited investor verification is ultimately performed by an EarlyIQ analysts. The analysts are all US-based individuals and are trained in both platform use and EarlyIQ internal operating procedures for producing a verification.


General Use Case and User Flow

The typical use case involves the following steps – described for an EarlyIQ deployment. A similar flow is deployed for partner co-branded and partially/fully integrated deployments.

  • Investor Registration – An EarlyIQ account is created for the investor.
  • Positive Identification – The investor provides personally identifiable information (PII) which is validated and verified to mitigate identity fraud risk.
  • Supporting Documentation – The investor provides documentation of proof of accredited qualification either through secure document upload or through IRS transcript request.
  • Analyst Review – EarlyIQ analysts review submitted information and process the verification.
  • Certificate Delivery – Upon verification, a dynamic, encrypted electronic certificate is created that shows the accredited status of the investor. The certificate can subsequently be accessed through an EarlyIQ badge as shown: 


Verification Process

For a detailed description of our Accredited Investor Verification process, please click here.

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