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Commission EIQ Premium Report Card - Investor Initiated - 4

Deep Due Diligence -  Simplified.

Understand the verified details about your target private investment opportunity quickly and accurately.

Diligence on an early stage company can be complex and cumbersome.  A custom Early IQ report eliminates the complexity and delivers unprecedented visibility into the background details of your target investment company and the management team in a simple, collaborative report.  Well beyond a simple "background check", commissioning a private report equips your group with on-demand, exclusive access to cohesive, detailed information, so you can focus your resources on higher-order analysis and evaluation.

360° Visibility and Insight

Knowing the facts is important when making a long term commitment.  The Early IQ report is the only management team diligence report that triangulates information from both online and offline data sources - including self reported information directly from the management team.

  • Exclusive EarlyIQ TQScore - Transparency Quotient, based on algorithms developed by former FBI special agent and quantitative analytics expert.
  • Triangulated information from online and offline sources including criminal and civil records, social media, third party databases, and self reported information.
  • Secure, on-demand access to the report - anywhere, anytime.
  • Collaborate with with other investors in your group.
  • Drill-down capability for unprecedented visibility in a single, cohesive space.  All the detail without the complexity.
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Increase ROI up to 5 Times

According to research published by the Kauffman Foundation, a solid due diligence process is significantly related to higher ROI outcomes for seed investing.

Take Control - Commission Your Own Report

Our platform puts you in control of the diligence process and simplifies a cumbersome but critical task.   Simply start the application process by entering some basic information about your target investment opportunity.  From there we'll automatically contact the officers of the target company and collect their self reported information.  Need more detail?  Here's what to expect.

All of this costs just $395 for a Premium company report. You'll get a custom report including company information and research on up to 4 company officers that you can share with co-investors and other stakeholders in your diligence process.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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