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EIQ Investor Verification - Direct

Accredited Investor Verification: Quick, Safe, Secure

You're 3 Steps away from receiving your Accredited Investor verification

You're on your way towards receiving a universally accepted Accredited Investor electronic certificate.

  1. Enter basic personal information
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Select your basis of Accreditation and submit evidence online

Average processing time is less than 1 day after complete submission. And the cost is just $59.

Once Completed, Confidently Share Your Accredited Investor electronic certificate

EarlyIQ's Accredited Investor electronic certificate is designed to be securely shared. EarlyIQ does not release private information. We provide Accredited Investors with an encrypted link icon that displays dynamically generated Accredited Investor credentials.

This approach guards against forgery, identity theft, and other misuse. And it keeps you in control of the information you share with prospective business/investment partners.

Recipients of the link will be given basic information about the Accredited Investor.

  • Verified identity
  • Accredited Investor Status
  • Contact information for EarlyIQ


Here's What Viewers of Your Verification Will See

When you share your icon, recipients will be able to click on it to review your Accredited Investor status. It's that simple.

Getting Prepared - What's Required

According to the Regs, an individual investor can qualify as Accredited under 2 primary methods - Net Worth or Annual Income.

If you are qualifying based on Net Worth, be prepared to upload one or more of the follow documents as supporting evidence of your qualification:

  • Brokerage, bank, or other current asset statements which in combination will show qualifying Net Worth or;
  • Letter from your attorney or CPA stating your qualification as Accredited (template)

There is no need for you to upload or document your debt. We'll automatically pull your credit report (using what's known as a "soft pull" so that our review will not impact your credit score) so that we can validate your debt. And there is no need to document All of your assets, simply provide enough documentation to support your qualification (e.g. current Net Worth of $1 million not including your primary residence).

NOTE: If you wish to use real estate or personal property assets to qualify, you'll need a professional appraisal, dated in the last 90 days, with an exact amount. Free online estimates are not accepted (no Zestimates). 

If you are qualifying based on Income, be prepared to upload one or more of the following documents as supporting evidence of your qualification:

  • Tax returns, W2's, 1099's, or other government filings that support your income qualification for the past 2 years or;
  • Letter from your attorney or CPA stating your qualification as Accredited (template)



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