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The Background Application Process

Once you've clicked the "Get Started" button, here's what to expect.

As the primary company contact during the process you'll be providing information on both your company and yourself.  The total time it takes to complete the process is about 5-10 minutes.  

Who Participates?

One of the unique aspects of the Early IQ process is that everyone plays on the same level field.  That means that your team, your investors, and the funding platform all view and participate together using the same information.  We'll need each of your key executives and officers as well as any major shareholder to go through our online application process - it's automated and will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Your Control Panel

This is where you monitor and control the application process.  You'll see a link to your company profile as well as your personal profile.  In addition, once you've invited your other execs to the process, you'll see their profile status - whether they've completed their part of the process or not.

Company Profile

Here's the page where you provide a few important pieces of information about your company.  This is also where you invite other executives to the application process.  When you invite them, they will receive an email with instructions about what to do next.  Their process will take them directly to the personal information page.

Personal Profile

Each invited executive will fill out the information in this section.  During this part of the process we'll also ask a few questions that help ensure proper identification. 

What About Security?

We realize that security and confidentiality are extremely important.  If you haven't done so, take a look at our Terms of Use and our Privacy Agreement.   And also rest assured that we use best practices for data encryption and SSL web transmission.  Our system is fully hosted on secured servers and all data are encrypted and kept confidential.  

Approval Process

Once we've created the report card you which typically takes 1-2 days after receiving all your information, as the primary company contact, you will have the opportunity to review the report prior to sharing the report with the your funding platform and prospective investors.  This is a "fact check" where you ensure the accuracy of the information.  During your review, you'll also be able to view the report as others will see it - the "public view".   Upon your approval, the report will be complete and available for viewing.  In the unlikely event that you see a discrepancy, simply click the "dispute" button and submit a description of the facts in question.  This will begin a secondary review process that we'll work through until such time as you are satisfied that all facts are correct.

Finishing Up

Now that the report is complete, you'll work with your funding platform to understand options for sharing your report with others including prospective investors.



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