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A Few of our Partners

EarlyIQ Featured Partners

Our partners rely on our technology to make better informed business decisions. 

kiva zip crowdfunding earlyiq partner florida funders parters with EarlyIQ

We provide diligence technology for many of the most popular crowdfunding platforms.

Learn more about our seamless integration...

Kiva Zip

A pilot program launched by microfinance lender Kiva enabling direct lending to entrepreneurs in Kenya and the USA.

Learn more about diligence reports...

Florida Funders 

Offering residents an opportunity to invest in startups and companies on the verge of a breakout.

Learn more about investor accreditation...


kiva zip crowdfunding earlyiq partner florida funders parters with EarlyIQ
P2B Investor

First and only crowdfund platform for receivables-backed working capital financing for growing B2B companies.

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Ca. Stock Exchange

Accelerator network providing resources to assist emerging and growing firms from napkin concept to IPO.

Learn more about how Cal-X uses EarlyIQ for vetting & diligence...

Sterling Funder

Atlanta based equity & debt crowdfunding portal connects startups with capital from qualified investors.

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Featured Industry Partners

We align ourselves with those industry groups who share our interest in advancing the spirit of the JOBS Act - job creation, innovation and advancement of US early stage businesses through enhanced tools for capital formation.

CFPA earlyiq partner angel capital association earlyIQ partner crowdfund capital advisors earlyIQ partnership
CF Professionals

Crowdfunding Professionals Association provides education, resources and assistance to stakeholders of the Crowdfunding community.

EarlyIQ is a CfPA founding member...


Angel Capital Association

Supporting the North American angel community with deal sourcing, diligence, structure and management as they invest in early stage startups.

ACA membership has its benefits at EarlyIQ...

CF Capital Advisors

CCA's founders crafted the framework that became the crowdfunding language in the JOBS Act. CCA is a consulting and advisory firm.

Jason Best is a member of EarlyIQ's board...



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