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Our Trustmark. Your Trust.

Our mission is to drive trust through transparency for investors and companies seeking early stage investment.

We do this by delivering comprehensive, unbiased, and easy to understand Verifications and Diligence Reports on companies seeking investment and the investors that fund them.

Companies benefit from compliance and by establishing transparency, investors gain unprecedented visibility, and partner markets are facilitated.


Press Releases

Press Releases

Kiva Zip and EarlyIQ, Inc. Announce Partnership to Facilitate Diligence for U.S. Peer to Peer Lending Network

Innovative online tool helps Kiva Zip drive micro-loan access for underserved, under-banked small business in the United States

San Francisco, CA--September 25, 2013 - Today Kiva Zip, a pilot program of Kiva Microfunds,  and EarlyIQ Inc. announce the selection of EarlyIQ’s diligence platform for use in evaluating loan applicants on Kiva Zip’s crowdfunding platform.  With the small business credit crunch continuing unabated in recent years, Kiva Zip helps create access to capital for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs that are overlooked and underserved by conventional lenders.   The EarlyIQ platform is used to augment and support due diligence with Kiva Zip’s Trust Networks and social underwriting processes. more about Kiva Zip Partnership

EarlyIQ Announces First Solution for Newly Announced Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Protection and Verification Requirements

Innovative Services Increase Investor and Company Transparency and Mitigate Fraud Risk for Online Funding Platforms, Accredited Investors, Angel Groups, and Venture Capital


SAN DIEGO, CA--July 26, 2013 -  Today, EarlyIQ launched a suite of hosted information and analytical services to improve transparency and mitigate the risk of fraud in private capital markets. EarlyIQ's online services can be used by private investment portals for regulatory compliance specified in the final SEC rules for Title II of the JOBS Act. Additionally, the suite serves accredited investors, investor groups, and institutions during the investment screening and diligence process. This unique solution helps platforms to uncover bad actors and provides investors with unprecedented transparency into target investment opportunities. Today's release includes the latest version of the EarlyIQ Enterprise Transparency Report more about EarlyIQ Announces First Solution for Newly Announced Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Protection and Verification Requirements

EarlyIQ, the Crowdfunding Professional Association, and Crowdfund Capital Advisors Announce Release of US Equity Crowdfunding Investment Benchmark Study

Industry-first nationwide study shows strong appetite for investment and demand for transparency in the equity crowdfunding capital market


San Diego, California – 3/14/2013: EarlyIQ, Inc., the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA), and Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) today announced the availability of the CrowdfundIQ Benchmark Study - the industry’s first national study on likely US equity crowdfunding investors. The Study, published today, provides unique and quantifiable insight into the demographics, investment intent, planned investment frequency, and views of likely equity crowdfund investors in the United States.  more about Press


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