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Our mission is to drive trust through transparency for investors and companies seeking early stage investment.

We do this by delivering comprehensive, unbiased, and easy to understand Verifications and Diligence Reports on companies seeking investment and the investors that fund them.

Companies benefit from compliance and by establishing transparency, investors gain unprecedented visibility, and partner markets are facilitated.


Kiva Zip Partnership

Kiva Zip and EarlyIQ, Inc. Announce Partnership to Facilitate Diligence for U.S. Peer to Peer Lending Network

Innovative online tool helps Kiva Zip drive micro-loan access for underserved, under-banked small business in the United States

San Francisco, CA--September 25, 2013 - Today Kiva Zip, a pilot program of Kiva Microfunds,  and EarlyIQ Inc. announce the selection of EarlyIQ’s diligence platform for use in evaluating loan applicants on Kiva Zip’s crowdfunding platform.  With the small business credit crunch continuing unabated in recent years, Kiva Zip helps create access to capital for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs that are overlooked and underserved by conventional lenders.   The EarlyIQ platform is used to augment and support due diligence with Kiva Zip’s Trust Networks and social underwriting processes.

“Kiva Zip connects lenders to small business entrepreneurs who are locked out of traditional lending because their business is too young, their idea too innovative, or their credit history is too short or damaged. Visitors to can choose the entrepreneur they want to support with a loan of $25 or more. The EarlyIQ solution helps us confidently support their efforts by providing a unique, easy to use diligence tool for our team,” said Jonny Price, Senior Director of Kiva Zip.

The commercial micro-lending industry in the U.S. represents a large, relatively untapped segment of the market of small businesses for which lending decision support is often not readily available.  The EarlyIQ hosted analytics platform delivers comprehensive, professional level insight into companies seeking funding while doing so in an efficient and easily understood format that makes the information accessible and meaningful.  Online funding platforms use the information to help triangulate other sources of information to capture a more complete picture of the business.

“We’re really pleased to be working with Kiva Zip.  They’ve demonstrated clear leadership leveraging new tools and capabilities to drive access to capital for entrepreneurs in a socially responsible fashion,” said Steve Yin, Co-founder and CEO of EarlyIQ. 

About Kiva

Kiva Zip is a pilot program of, the world's first and largest crowdfunding platform for social good. Kiva aims to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty and expand economic opportunity. Since 2005, Kiva and their growing global community of 980,000 lenders have crowdfunded more than $480 million in microloans to over 1 million entrepreneurs in 72 countries, with a 98.9% repayment rate. Kiva is a nonprofit and makes no money from the loans they facilitate.

About EarlyIQ

Early IQ, Inc is a San Diego, California based, hosted information and analytics company serving early stage capital markets including the crowdfunding, peer lending, angel, accredited, private equity, and venture capital. Our core technology -- Diligence 3.0 -- revolutionizes transparency for early stage decision support. As the #1 source for investors and industry-standard trustmark for ratings, research, and analysis on private start-up ventures, we facilitate efficient markets by providing information and services for online investment portals and other professional investment markets.  


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